This is the classic version of Opera which is vastly superior to the new Opera 15 onwards which is based on Chromium. It is the final version of Opera 12.16. This SFS is intended for use with frugal installs - not full installs - of Wary/Puppy Linux.

The SFS package places Opera files in /opt/opera and Opera runs from /opt/opera/bin/opera. It also contains a custom desktop file, /usr/share/opera.desktop. The personal settings, bookmarks, cookies, etc are created in /root/.opera . If you are uninstalling a pet or deb of classic Opera make sure you backup /root/.opera first. Also, ensure that the old opera.desktop file (or opera-browser.desktop file) is removed. If you leave directory /root/.opera in place (or copy it over) the new installation will use those settings.

It has been tested on Wary and Racy. It probably will work with other recent Puppy variants that include Squashfs 4.0 but I have not tested it. Linux kernels 2.6.29 and later require .sfs files built with Squashfs version 4.0. Earlier kernels required .sfs files built with version 3.0 and will not be able to use this SFS package. For multimedia files Opera requires the older mplayerplug-in which is included in Wary and Racy. It is not included in Slacko and Precise but for these Puppy versions it can be added.

You can download the Opera 12.16 sfs package from this link:


MD5SUM: 3786e544da0dddf8ccaca325bd010744

If a Puppy version lacks the necessary plugins it is easy to add them and then in Opera's Tools>Preferences>Advanced>Downloads select the plugin for the required file type. Just download this zipped file, unzip it and place the files in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins where Opera will find them:

download mplayerplugins.zip


Opera 12.16 has SSL 3 enabled by default but this is now considered an insecure protocol and should be disabled. In Opera go to Tools>Preferences>Advanced>Security>Security Protocols and disable SSL 3. Then enable TLS 1 and save settings.

You will find instructions on how to load the SFS file into Puppy if you follow this link:

How to load SFS packages into Wary and Puppy