About Terry Phillips

Terry Phillips is a Welsh libertarian and heretic who wrote regularly for Freedom, the anarchist paper, in the early 1970's when it reflected a broad range of constructive and imaginative libertarian thought. He was a radical activist in the (then) steel town of Corby in Northamptonshire where he was involved in trade union and community struggles. He also wrote occasional reviews of children's books from a libertarian perspective for publications including Cienfuegos Press Anarchist Review. Somehow, he also found time for his day job as a civil servant!

His fifteen minutes of fame came when he scripted, and appeared in, a film called Anarchists which was shown on BBC TV in October 1974.

On his return to Wales in 1979 he founded Barry Anti-Nuclear Group and was an active campaigner for WANA (Welsh Anti-Nuclear Alliance.)

He was the author of the section on education in Everything you ever wanted to know about anarchism but were afraid to ask produced by anarchists in Cardiff around 1980.

As a life-long atheist he is alarmed by the resurgence of religious authoritarianism in the world and he is opposed to any religious influence in education or other public institutions.

One of his present preoccupations is the prospect of the ecological catastrophe likely to be caused by our unsustainable lifestyle and disregard for the planet.

Despite some of the unwelcome consequences of technological advance he was an early advocate of the internet and continues to support the philosophy of the free software community which he sees as embodying the best of the spirit of the 1970's.

He now lives happily in retirement with his wife in a village in his native West Wales enjoying what he describes as the mundane pleasures of everyday life.

Email : mail [at] terryphillips [dot] org [dot] uk